Is there such a thing as soulmates? Yes. They are selected by God and trained by Him.

Do we find our true soulmate the first time out? Sometimes. Sometimes not. Sometimes we learn from failed relationships and God gives us Mercy and Grace to try again.

Even when we make mistakes, God has The Plan for our lives and He works it out.

My husband reassured me that our meeting was not a random event, no matter how it looked at the time. It was meant to be.

I was ruminating over the challenging times I had experienced before him. I said, “But what if I had not had those times? I would have never come to this place and I never would have met you.”

He was quiet for a moment and then he said, “You would have met me, because wherever you were, I would have found you. We were meant to be together.”

My parents were married for 72 years. When my mother was near death, she took my father’s hands in hers and said with all the strength she could muster, “God made you for me and He made me for you.”

She was more sure than ever that Daddy was her soulmate. She was comforted in the certain knowledge that the Love they shared would go on forever.

Some are disturbed by Jesus’ Words that there will be no marriage in heaven. I think they need not worry.

There will only be one New Marriage there, and that is our total union with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. However what God has already joined together on earth, He will not separate in Heaven.

I look at married couples as two pieces of a gigantic puzzle that have already been joined on earth, but in heaven will fit into the larger completed puzzle of God’s Plan.

Truth: God has a Plan for each of us.

We need to wait upon The Lord and be sure we follow His Directions.

If we go the wrong way, He is still willing to lead us to The Right Way.

At just the right moment, He will connect us with the person of His Choosing. It may be a friendship or a lifetime marriage. The key is letting Him do the choosing for us and then gratefully receiving His Gift.

True Love goes on forever. We will never be separated from our true soulmate.



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