This is a prayer request. We would appreciate your prayers and the prayers of anyone else who will pray.

PRAY = Power Released Among You!

Many years ago, a Kentucky man stole my heart. He never gave it back.

The celebration event of a wedding in 1977 was only a public revelation of what we had already come to know. Our hearts beat as one (Well, most of the time. There were those times when we fibrillated. 🙄).

The Love of My Life is having surgery on our (his)heart on Tuesday. We would appreciate prayers.

Sometimes when someone is facing surgery, we pray for the patient or the surgeon. Both are important, of course.

But we also pray for the whole team … anesthesiologist, nurses, technicians, and others. Everyone has an important role to play.

We pray they would skillfully do the tasks to which God has called them and do so with all The Love and Compassion of Christ.

We pray they will realize the wonder of the body God has created and how privileged they are to be able to view it from the inside.

We pray they would not be distracted by the wonder, but that it would spur them on to do their very best work.

And we pray for each person even over this weekend, that they be rested and fresh for the work of the coming week.

Finally we pray we may be good witnesses of God’s Love and Power. We know we will meet people in the hospital we may not have met anywhere else.

We are, in fact, missionaries, sent out to do God’s Work. May we not become so distracted by our own needs that we forget why we are there … to be present in the joys and sorrows of others … to share life.

We commit our hearts to You, Lord. You are The One Who created them. You are The One Who reminds us constantly of Your Presence by continuing to knock as our heartbeat.

You are here. You will be there. You are with us always. We reach out in faith, knowing you will also surround us with our family and friends and all who will pray to you in agreement with Your Will.

Be strong and take heart,

all you who hope in the Lord.”

Psalm 31:24

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  1. Linda McKenney says:

    Carolyn we are praying ! Can you tell me which hospital?

  2. Claudia Duffee says:

    Greatly articulated! Continuing prayers… 💖

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