It’s been awhile since I held a baby.

For the past week we have had the joy of meeting our grandson and spending time with our daughter and son in law.

In the midst of the crisis of getting Jay through heart surgery, there was little time to do more than admire in passing.

But today, I got some real cuddle time with baby Gideon. I am totally wowed!

I had the thrill of holding a nearly new life in my arms …

The delicate skin …

The new baby smell …

The tiny fingers and toes …

The smile!

I had the sense of awe that comes with the realization that a couple of years ago, this little life only existed in The Mind of God.

I think of how God made His Perfect Plan dating back many generations, bringing people together at just the right moment and bringing forth other people from their union.

I think of how nothing happened by chance, but was carefully orchestrated by a Loving Creator.

The same Creator Who set the stars in place and called them by name, created this tiny life I am holding in my arms. He brought him to earth at a precise moment.

He prompted his parents to call him Gideon Micah. God has Plans for Gideon, yet to be revealed. He has Plans for all who will follow him. He has Plans for all of us.

Today I experienced the wonder of looking into the eyes of wonder. I found again the unspeakable Joy that comes from a shared smile that says, “Yes, I know you and I love you!”

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