A friend was recently promoted to Heaven. Her name is Mary.

I first met Mary 26 years ago. She, her husband and daughter were having a house built in the same new subdivision where my husband, daughter and I were building. We became neighbors and friends. Both of our daughters were named Jennifer.

Interestingly, we discovered we had lived in the same subdivision before we moved, but we had never met each other.

We shared life together for the past 26 years. We watched our little court change around us, with people moving away and new people coming in. We faced the highs and lows of life together.

We adjusted to our Jennifers leaving the nest. We survived personal battles, learning the delicate steps of when to sweep in with support and when to back off and leave room for private battles.

The world around us changed, but our friendship never did. Even on days when we did not talk, it was a comfort to know we were there. We were a family.

My husband and I had one of the first houses on the court. Before the roof was put on, I sat on the floor of what would become the master bedroom and prayed for all who would come to this place one day.

As people arrived, even in later years, I would wink and say, “I prayed for you.” In recent years, as a part of my nightly routine, I began praying for each person (and animal) who lived on the court.

When I shared this with Mary, she said, “Oh that gives me so much comfort.” Several years ago, Mary was diagnosed with cancer. She had a long battle, enduring surgeries and grueling treatments.

She told me when she looked out her window at night and saw the light on in my room, she knew I was praying. She said it was like a lighthouse.

As her battles with cancer intensified, I also began singing hymns from my room. I would look directly from my window towards her house and sing.

I believed my songs were being carried by The Holy Spirit to her. When I shared this with her, she confirmed she had felt an increase of peace and joy during those times. It gave me joy to sing each night and to know she was on the other end receiving.

Mary’s physical body continued to deteriorate, but her spirit remained strong. In the new COVID world, she had to remain isolated, so we became regular text partners.

When she was down, I would remind her I was praying and singing. As my husband and I also went through a series of health challenges, she was on the other end, sending texts of encouragement to me.

In recent weeks, she had to enter an extended time of isolation in the hospital. She was not allowed even to have her devoted husband at her side. Other than hospital staff, she was humanly alone.

However, she was never separated from her Heavenly Father nor was I. I continued to pray and sing. By now I knew, as did she, that wherever she was, she would receive the songs and prayers by The Power of The Holy Spirit.

When Jay and I began doing You Tube videos, I included a song The Lord gave me. I composed it under His Direction and sang it. Mary really liked it.


She played it during one of her early chemo sessions. Another patient heard it and asked what she was listening to. Mary ended up sharing the song with the whole group. It was so exciting to both of us to see how God used the song to comfort others and let them know how close He is.

Recently when she was isolated in the hospital, she texted me and asked me to resend her the link. She said she really needed it. I was happy to share it again.

She later texted me and said, “I hear the sweet choir of an angel sending me love and strength.”

She had not heard me humanly, but in her spirit, she heard what God sent her. It was not just my voice alone. He brought a whole choir!

We continued to text. One night, to my great delight, I received a text from her. She said, “I’m singing to you tonight!” I felt a rush of Joy as I received!

As her stay in the hospital was extended, one day, I felt The Lord’s Nudge to do something new. Instead of telling her I was singing, I realized I could sing by audio attachment to a text. So I did.

She was excited as was I. I am not a professional singer, but I put my heart into my songs. And so we began a new heart to heart connection.

I asked her to send me a list of her favorite hymns. And then I sang. She thought of old songs she remembered from years ago. I found them on You Tube and sent them to her.

Last week when I was out on the deck and heard the birds singing, it seemed they were singing for Mary. I videoed our back yard, so she could enjoy the green grass, the horse pasture and flower beds … and hear the birds singing. She was delighted.

When her daughter called to relay the news that her Mom had been promoted, I was not surprised, but felt very sad.

Mary was my friend. Mary was family. Mary was a heart and soul connection. I will continue to sing for her because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt God can carry His Music anywhere in the universe.

And I would not be surprised at all to hear new songs coming from the thrones of Heaven. I will know who sent them.

“Let The Heavens rejoice and let the earth be glad!”

Psalm 96:11

P.S. We have been waiting eagerly for our lilies to bloom. They all had promising buds, but for some reason, blooming wasn’t happening.

The night Mary was promoted, when we looked, there was just the tiniest sliver of a promising bloom. When we got up the next morning, the one closest to our front door had bloomed.

What a beautiful bouquet from God to celebrate the Homecoming of one of His Beautiful Daughters!

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