My brother went to college when I started to school. Each night when my mother and I shared prayers, we would always pray for him.

And then my mother would say, “Let’s throw him a kiss good night.” We would turn in the direction of Clemson and throw him kisses. I always believed somehow they were delivered.

Many years later, I watched the move, “An American Tale” with our daughter. I loved the touching song, “Somewhere Out There”

It became my theme song, as she went off to college and beyond.

College, law school and career took our daughter to many different places. Wherever she went, I was comforted through the distance by the thought we were sleeping under the same big sky.

After my parents were promoted to Heaven, I counted them among “the great cloud of witnesses” who watched over me. One night, as I looked at a blanket of stars in the heavens and a blanket of snow on earth, I felt really connected.

I went out on our deck and wrote, “I love you with all my heart” in the snow. I think they got my message. The twinkling of the stars looked like winks from above.

Recently I had a friend who was very ill, isolated in the hospital. We kept our friendship going through texts. I sang to her, sent her You Tube videos of her requested songs, and took her on video tours outside where she could see and hear God’s World.

Now that she has joined the great cloud of witnesses, I will continue to sing for her and listen for the songs she sends back from God’s Throne. We will still be connected.

The COVID pandemic has separated many physically. We long for each other, realizing how much we took for granted. Being able to see a smile, feel a hug, or share a kiss are treasures lost for now.

But perhaps we are being called to a higher level of communication, a higher level of intimacy with both God and each other.

We are being called to look beyond the physical and communicate with each other heart to heart.

I invite you to watch a scene from “An American Tale.” This little mouse, like most of us, just wants to find his way home.

Take a few moments and think of those who are somewhere out there. Send them love. I am sure God will deliver it. He is Love.

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.”

1 John 4:7



We are being called to look beyond the physical and communicate with each other heart to heart.

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