A friend posted this question.

It prompted me to reflect on just how safe it is to allow Santa into our homes this year.

I went back and read The Night Before Christmas to get a good description of Santa. Now I am concerned.

Have Santa, Mrs. Santa and all those elves been tested for Covid? Were they all negative?

Are they all wearing masks? A beard is not an adequate face covering, especially when Santa is spraying who knows what with every Ho, Ho ,Ho.

Who is checking Santa’s temp before he enters a house?

Is Santa already sick? According to the story, “his cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry! His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow.” Sounds like he’s got something! 😱

He also apparently can’t keep his hands away from his face, especially his nose. Very high risk! The story says, he puts a finger aside of his nose., and we already established his face and nose are red!

Santa sadly has other risk factors that put him in a vulnerable risk group. He is overweight and a smoker. And he apparently eats less than heart healthy food and smokes on the job. Again, if he exhales that pipe smoke, he may be spreading something.

Are the elves wiping down all the toys with appropriate germicide?

Are all those chimneys really clean? In this Covid world, is simple Chimney sweeping enough? I think not!

And finally, if Santa is masking up, is he in danger of being assaulted by a homeowner, who thinks he is an intruder?

All things considered, should Santa stay home and ship the gifts this year? Just asking … for a friend …

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