To be clear, there is nothing funny about Covid. It is serious, scary and tragic.

Recently I had a conversation with someone, where we talked of how sad it was that children born into this world now never knew the world that preceded it.

It set us wondering about the future. We wondered, even after the pandemic, how many things would truly go back to the way they were and how many things might actually remain unchanged.

I pray the pandemic will end soon. But if it does not, I wonder what those who are born now will think one day when they hear about the world that used to be.

Will our future generation look back on us and say …

There used to be a time when people went out in public without masks. Can you believe they actually showed their mouths and noses in public?

Once people greeted each other by touching body parts, like hands or arms … or even worse it was said some even touched lips. Oooo …

People used to gather unmasked in large numbers at sports events or concerts and yell or sing, letting all sorts of bugs fly from their mouths.

People used to go unmasked to buildings called churches to perform traditions they called worship. When the churches were gone, it was said people did not know how to worship. There was a very dark age before they learned how to worship outside those buildings.

There were once buildings called stores that had large supplies of things people would buy. People actually touched boxes of food or sometimes vegetables out in the open that other people had touched. Very unsanitary.

People would go to places where they had things called books and magazines. They would handle things others had touched. Unbelievable.

Here’s a really nasty one. People used to get clothes off racks, try them on and then they were put back on the rack for the next person to try them on. And then somebody bought them and took them home and wore them. Very unsanitary.

When people were sick and went to the doctor, they all sat together in the same small waiting room. Then they saw the doctor and got really close. The doctor sometimes got almost nose to nose and looked down their throat. Amazing.

When they had to go to the hospital, their families went with them. Can you imagine how many bugs were flying in there? They didn’t even have to wear masks. No wonder everyone was sick!

People used to travel places in airplanes, buses, boats or even together in cars. They breathed air in the same small space. Truly unbelievable.

Big groups of people used to get together in their homes. They talked, laughed and ate together. They didn’t know they were potentially dangerous to each other.

It took awhile to get the people to understand the only approved method of communicating was electronically. They didn’t even know how to zoom back then.

I can’t even imagine how they survived to bring us into the world. It’s a good thing we are a part of the sterilized generation. Put on your your double lined gloves and give me a high five!

P.S. I sincerely hope this is not the world of the future. While some things should change, I miss the old world a lot, especially the hugs.

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