Gideon enjoyed the toddler Christmas tree so much, we decided to leave it out all year.

The ornaments are easy for him to pick up and return to the tree. He can hold them, roll them, smack them together or hide them various places.

A few weeks ago, it took all of us looking before we found the missing ornament under the couch. I am sure Gideon was pleased he won!

Today in Childhood 101, Gideon taught me another valuable lesson. He very sweetly gave me two ornaments. However, after playing with other things for awhile, he decided he wanted them back.

I watched him looking longingly at the colorful balls. However, he did not reach for them. I did not offer them because I wanted to see what he would do.

He solved his dilemma in a remarkable way.

Even when I was not offering to share with him, he did not just take or even demand what he wanted.

He went back to the tree and got one ball. He then brought that ball to me and offered it.

He did not want to take something from me and leave me empty handed.

I put down one ball I was holding in order to receive the gift he was offering me.

In order for me to receive the new gift, I had to be willing to let something go.

He then very gently picked up the ball I had relinquished.

He wanted not to take from me, but share with me. With his acquisition of the ball, we both had something to play with. And we did. We played with each other and our toys.

So much love and compassion in that lesson from a child.

The world would be a much better place if we gave each other more gifts and did less demanding and taking from each other.

And it would be wonderful if we looked for ways to share with even those who were unwilling to give to us.

I pray that Gideon will always be a person of love and compassion.

“ … and a little child will lead them.”

Isaiah 11:6

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