It is a sight to behold to see trees coated in ice, looking as though their branches have become glass.

Trees are “perpetual praisers.” They are always reaching for the light.

They are always growing.

They are willing to change in season.

They are willing to shed their leaves and give back to the earth when it is time.

They allow others to come and visit or even make their home in their branches.

They provide shade for those on the ground.

They receive The Breath of God given through human breath. And they give back His Breath through their breath in return.

They move with the wind, dancing, waving, clapping their “hands,” and bending during a storm. They are flexible.

And sometimes they endure pain, as a part of them is lost in the storms of life. Today, as I saw trees toppled by the ice storm, it looked as if other trees were leaning their way, perhaps comforting them in their grief.

Even with the weight of the ice on their branches, they still stand and wait. They wait for their cold limbs to be released from the grip of ice and allow their tears to flow and water the earth.

They wait for the light.

They wait for spring.

They continue to praise their Creator.

I want to be more like trees.

“For you shall go out with joy,

And be led out with peace;

“The mountains and the hills shall

break forth into singing before you,

and all the trees of the field

shall clap their hands!”

Isaiah 55:12

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