It amazes me to think of how music connects us. Song writers transfer the music they hear in their heads to maps on paper.

These maps are written in a special code with notes and symbols that allow others who come after them to replicate the songs they first heard alone.

But it does not end there. Others who read the musical maps sing the songs or play them on musical instruments. The songs are shared and passed on through time and space.

Songs can transport us back to other times. We often associate them with our own experiences. So when we hear the same song, we can be together and yet in different times and places.

Music has a profound effect on us. It can unfortunately make us angry or agitated. But the best music brings us joy and comfort.

My friend, Mary, was about to undergo a bone marrow biopsy. The Covid crisis meant her beloved husband could not be with her. She lay in isolation on the top floor of the medical center.

She asked the nurses to leave her blinds open so she could watch the lights of the helicopters coming and going. She prayed.

God brought a song to mind. She could only remember bits of the melody. She texted me and asked if I could help her.

I knew immediately which song it was. I sent her the link. As she listened, God assured her she was not and would not be alone.

As I listened and prayed, I thanked God for giving us that song that connected us in Him.

Tonight, as I am listening, I know someone needs to know they are not alone and never will be alone. If that is you, know that God has prompted me to send it to you.

And please pray about who needs to receive it next.

Here is the link.

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