I take great comfort in knowing those who have transitioned from this earthly body into a heavenly body are not truly gone from us.

They have simply changed clothes, so to speak.  We no longer see them with our physical eyes in the same way.  

But we can see them with our spiritual eyes, as the memories of our time of physical connection come to mind.  We can see them in all the world around us and share spiritually in their expanded life.

I love the writings of Steven Charleston, who sums it up well.  Sleep well tonight and know not only are God and all His angels with you, but also those you love.

Here is what Steven says.

Just before the sun leaves the sky, in the long lavender light, you can catch a glimpse of them. 

You need to be out in the countryside, away from the city glare. Then if you look to the high places, the hilltop or the mesa, you may see them, only for a moment, standing along the horizon. 

They are the sentinel spirits, the ancestors who keep the night watch. 

Each evening they take their places, appearing as quietly as the stars. 

These are our guardian spirits. These are our elders of eternity. 

If you listen, just at moonrise, you may hear them sing, for only a moment, the night chant, to shelter the Earth, to keep the many tribes of life safe until the distant morning. 

When you lay your head down and whisper your prayers, never be afraid, for the ones who love you are keeping watch, their hearts beating in time with your own.

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