We said for many years that everything belonged to God.  However, we lived as if we owned our things.

Some years ago, God challenged us to begin living into The Truth that He really does own it all.  He is trusting us to manage it.

This shift in thinking proved to be very interesting.  

If it was really all His, then it meant we should be asking Him about every purchase we made.  Yes … every one.

And we needed to truly ask … not tell.  There is a difference in asking, “God, should I do this?” And saying, “God, I am doing this.  Stop me if it’s wrong.”

Our spending habits changed.

If everything belonged to God, then we realized we were driving Dad’s car.  We were wearing the clothes He gave us.

So if He wanted us to drive someone somewhere in His car, using His gas, then we needed to do it.

And if He wanted to us to help Him clothe and feed other people, then we were to do what He told us.

We realized we were living in God’s house.  He is graciously allowing us to live here.  The people who come here come at His Invitation and for His Purpose.

It is our mission to serve and not get in God’s Way as He carries out His Purpose.

He prepared this place for us, as He will prepare our future homes on earth or in Heaven.  

When we do things in this house, we should be mindful of the fact that God is allowing us to help Him prepare this place for those who will live here after He gives us a new home one day.

I invite you into The Wonderful Truth that God owns it all.  And He has chosen to share with you.

That is truly a reason to be thankful.

The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy!

Psalm 126:3

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