Some time ago, I became aware of how many of my prayers and that of others were either a wish list or a to do list for God.

God, please do this.  God please do that.

God, please fix this problem.

God, please give me what I want.

Everything was something we wanted Him to do, including making other people do 


Churches and prayer groups are always ready to receive prayer requests.  But often they do not expect praise reports.

I once was in a prayer ministry, where it felt like we were the post office.  People came to us and we agreed with each other and sent the request “up.”

Never did anyone come and ask us to praise God with them.  And in retrospect, I realize we never invited people to share their praises and thanks.

After this revelation, I determined to go for a period of time of limiting my prayers to only praise and thanks giving with no begging.

I dug deeper into God’s Word and saw what He had already promised to give me .  No matter how I felt, I began to agree with Him that I had it (because He said so).   

Agreeing with Him was much better than just getting as many prayer partners as I could to sign off on it like a petition.

I thanked God for what He said He had given me, like I was thanking Him for a Present received, but unopened yet.

While this changed my life, it is still a work in progress.  The temptation to beg God is still strong, especially when I realize the limits of my own power.

But for every need I have, I find He has already provided.

When I say, “God, please be with me or someone else,” He says, “I am.”

When I say, “God, please guide us,” He says, “I am.  I will.”

When I say, “God, please heal us,” He says, “I will, in My Time and in My Way.”

And the list of His Promises goes on and on.

If you feel led to join me, do this.

Become aware of how many of your prayers are wish lists or to do lists for God.

Search The Bible for anything God or Jesus promised.

Thank Him for it.

Look back over your life and reflect on how many different ways God has fulfilled His Promises.

Praise Him and thank Him for His Gifts then and now!

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