Many of us have sung with great enthusiasm, “All to Jesus I surrender.”

But then He asks us to surrender something we just can’t part with. And we say, “Well, I surrender all, but that.”

We say we would go anywhere to advance God’s Kingdom.

But then He asks us to go somewhere we would never want to go.

What if every place we end up is really our mission field assignment? What if our assignment is not to preach the gospel with our own rhetoric or service, but it is to be truly surrendered to Jesus living Life through us?

I once had a group of nursing students to whom I gave the assignment to ask their nursing home resident what their plans were for the future.

The student assigned to the resident who was over 100 years old and bedfast balked at the assignment. The student said, “How can she answer that when she doesn’t have a future?”

I did not let her off the hook. I encouraged her to ask. When she reported back, we all smiled at her resident’s plans for the future.

The elderly lady said, “I’m going to lie right here as long as The Lord lets me and I am going to let you learn on me.”

Would you surrender all to Jesus? Would you go anywhere He wanted you to go? Would you be willing to let Him fully live in your body in whatever way He chooses?

When He says, “Who shall I send and who will go for us,” would you say, without hesitation, “Here am I. Send me!”

Here is the link to a song to reflect on your answers.

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