God’s Sources of comfort never cease to amaze me. And often He puts them there even before we realize their importance.

Many years ago I became a collector of Precious Moments figurines. One of the first was this one called “He careth for you.”

I loved that the little lamb knew where to go to find comfort and healing. I loved his tearful trust in the shepherd.

It has always represented The Tenderness, Love, Mercy and Compassion with which our Good Shepherd heals us.

I see that figurine every day. Even though most of my collection has been given away or is in boxes awaiting The Lord’s Direction of where they will live next, this one still holds an honored place on our bookshelf in our family room.

Today, I saw it in a new light. I am His Lamb and I am trusting Him to bind up that which was broken. I can trust Him. He cares for me and He will heal me.

That Word is not just for me. Whatever needs healing for you (even broken hearts), He can do it. Come close. Hold out your wound and know He will be gentle.

He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.
Psalm 147:3

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