(Continuation of How I Became A Writer)

So far I had used writing to expand my very active imagination.  

I had used it to help me focus in boring classes or meetings.  

I had used it as a safe place to ventilate privately.  

I had used it publicly to be a change agent.  

I had used it to encourage and inspire others.

But I could have never foreseen what God had in mind next.  He let me write without a pen and paper.  He led me to the piano and activated my hands.

I was very close to my mother.  Even as she was in her nineties, I was not ready for her to go to heaven without me.  I grieved heavily after her death.

I had played the piano for years.  I had now been a writer for years.  But one day, in an amazing act of comfort, God gave me a new gift.  He put music and writing together.  He allowed me to be a music composer!

I was sitting at the piano, just letting my fingers drift over the keys free style.  Suddenly I “heard” in my spirit the words that were matching what I thought were random moves on the piano.  

However, nothing about that experience was random.  God gave me the words and music to a song about my mother.  “Butterfly” was the first of many songs God gave me.  I learned He writes in music!

I became the head of the church drama team.  I wrote a new script every week.  Jay and I and our friends had a ball acting them out.

Jay and I taught several Sunday School classes.  We declined the pre-written lessons.  Instead I wrote the lessons each week, according to what I felt God wanted us to teach.

Sometimes Jay would ask me on a Friday what we were teaching on Sunday.  I would say, “I don’t know yet.  God has not told me.”

That was a formative time of moving beyond writing for myself to being in training to become God’s scribe.

Sometimes after I wrote and wrote, I felt God was saying, “I’m glad you got that off your chest, but now set it aside.  You are not here to write your opinion pieces anymore.  You write what I tell you.”

And so I would try again.  One November during the Sunday School Era,  I was asked to contribute to an advent series for our church.  

It was an interesting time to be asked, since I had seemed to have lost my Christmas spirit.  Traditions had changed in our family.  Children had grown up.  Elders had died.  I was missing what we had in the past and frankly, bored with what was in the present.

However, I thought I could surely crank out one Christmas devotional. God let me do that.  But then He gave me another one and another one.  When I finally put down my pen, I had a devotional for each day of December and one for New Year’s.

Our church published them all on their website.  I was amazed.  So much love and joy flowed that year.  God gave us all a Merry Christmas.

After the series was published, some people asked if it was going to be a book.  I politely declined, but those seeds started growing.

Remember the beginning of my public writing when I needed a little push to take the plunge into publishing.  God was about to give me that push … well, not really a push.

He gave me a wonderful Gift the following Christmas.  Stay tuned to see what He gave me and the unique way He delivered it.

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