Is it too early to think about Christmas?  It seems stores start merchandizing Christmas earlier and earlier each year.

There is hardly a rest period between Christmas in July sales and the beginning of preparing for the real thing.  We almost expect to see turkeys in Halloween costumes trimming a Christmas tree!

On the flip side of the early celebrants are those who insist the Christmas season cannot start before a fixed date, usually sometime after Thanksgiving.

The real “discovery” I made in writing Christmas of Discovery is that Christmas is not a season at all.  It is a doorway … an invitation … to reflect, explore, anticipate and experience true freedom and real Joy.

This year Jay and I want to give you a Gift you can keep and give to others.  We have just completed recording my reading of Christmas of Discovery.  

I wanted to step out of the pages of the book and talk directly to you.  I wanted to put the book in a form that you can listen to wherever you are and while you are doing whatever you are doing.

I wanted to put it in a form where multiple people can enjoy it at the same time.

And especially, I wanted it to be a free gift.  The words were given freely to me and I want to give them freely.

Why send them out now?  Am I rushing the Christmas season?  Hopefully not!   We are hoping you will sample it now and perhaps decide you wish to share it with others.  

If there are those, who want to celebrate the season beginning December 1, they will be ready to hit the button if they receive the gift ahead of time.

So to begin now, go to my blog site at

Select Christmas of Discovery at the top of the home page.

It will take you to all the audio files.  If you are using a device, such as a phone, you may need to turn it sideways to see the titles of the chapters.

While you are at the blog site, you may wish to check out my other writings.  The most current one is displayed on the home page.  

If you select the archives on the left, you can read more.  In fact, you could be reading for years.  The writing archive goes back quite a ways!

If you want to be notified of any new post, there is also a place on the left where you can subscribe.

Thank you for letting me share my series on How I Became A Writer.  If you read them all, you can see it has been quite a journey.  Bringing the words off the page into audio is our next step.

We wish you much Love, Joy and Peace in every season.    Happy listening!

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