Right from the beginning of His Life, Jesus connected heaven and earth.  Angels joined the celebration of men, women, and animals on earth.  Those in different stations of life were linked by His Glorious Presence.  Shepherds and kings alike worshipped him.  In the moment of worship, there was truly peace on earth.

As Jesus ministered in His adult years, once again He connected those who likely would have never connected themselves.  Tax collectors hung out with fishermen.  Women were welcomed into ministry.  Children were welcomed right into the midst of teaching sessions.  Samaritans, who were hated, became heroes of stories.  Lepers, who were formerly considered unclean, were touched by Jesus. And in one of Jesus’ final great acts of connection, He took a common thief home to Paradise with Him!

All this elbow rubbing did not set well with many, who looked at each other with distaste.  They showed a trait all too common to us humans.  They recognized that they were not up to Jesus’ Glory, but they were quite sure they were closer to His Glory than other people.  This one characteristic not only keeps us separate from each other, but it also provides a most unrealistic frame of reference.  We begin to think, “I’m not all that bad.  I’m better than they are!”

So who were Jesus’ best buds?  Would being in His family cinch being a part of the “in crowd”?  Apparently not.  In a rather disturbing incident, Jesus’ disciples told Him that His Mother and Brothers were outside wanting to see Him.  Did this Man, Who was so open with everyone, drop everything and hurry out to see them?  We really don’t know that part of the story, but Matthew records what He said.  He said, “Who is My Mother and who are My Brothers?”

Pointing to His Disciples, He said, “Here are My Mother and My Brothers.  For whoever does the Will of My Father in Heaven is My Brother and Sister and Mother.”  Was Jesus excluding His earthly family?  No, it was clear they did the Will of His Father.  Jesus was enlarging His Family!

Would you like to be even closer than just hanging out with Jesus?  You can be.  You can be a part of His Family!  God sent Jesus to help us recognize that His Blood flows in each one of us.  Those who have chosen to obey and follow Jesus are all a part of the family of God.

Jesus the Great Connector reminds us that we are connected to Him. 

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  

To those who are thirsty, I will give the privilege of drinking

 from the well of the Water of Life without payment.  

All this shall be the Heritage of him who overcomes,

 and I will be his God 

and he shall be one of My sons (implied, daughters also).  

Revelation 21:5-7

Both the One Who makes men Holy and those who are made Holy are of the same family.

  So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers.

Hebrews 2:11

Jesus the Great Connector reminds us that we are connected to each other.

Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers (implied, also sisters), be compassionate and humble.

1 Peter 3:8

(Jesus’ conversation with God, His Father) I will be in them and You will be in Me. 

 So they will be completely One.

 Then the world will know that You sent Me. 

 And the world will know that You loved these people the same as You loved Me!

  John 17:23

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