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From the beginning satan tried to blur the line between good and evil.  He worked to make it appear that good was evil and evil was good.  If he was unsuccessful at fully convincing the humans of what he wanted them to believe, he was content with the next best thing.  He wanted them to recognize they were not sure what was good and what was evil, and in his own self serving way, he offered to teach them.

If they correctly identified evil as evil, then satan quickly agreed and told them God did it.  God was the one who was bringing evil upon them.  He told them God wanted them to suffer.  The cross was going to give satan the ultimate opportunity to pull off his scheme once again, but this time on the world’s largest stage.

Why would God agree to such a thing?  Again, go back back to the story of Moses’ people and the snake on the pole.  (Section Four, Chapter Sixteen)  God’s Memorable Lesson was to clearly point out what was evil and what was not.  His Lesson was to teach the people that evil had no power over them except the power they gave it.  But obedience to His Word gained them access to the Greatest Power in the Universe.

The people were about to see evil exposed.  The people were about to see The Ultimate Good revealed through Jesus’ obedience to every Word of God.  And when it was over, the winner would be declared by one who had been used by satan to bring evil.   Did the soldier at the cross declare satan the winner?  No!  

As the earth itself shook from within,

When the centurian and those with him,

who were guarding Jesus

saw the earthquake and all that had happened,

they were terrified and exclaimed,

“Surely He was The Son of God!”

Matthew 27:54

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