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Satan was sure he had God backed into a corner.  He knew how fragile the human body was.  He knew to what lengths the average human would go to protect that fragile external covering of what was inside of them.  A little bit of suffering could crush a human.  He remembered the day he had laughed in God’s Face, when God was trying to show off one of his humans.

(satan speaking to God)

“Skin for skin,” Satan replied.

“A man will give all he has for his own life.

But now stretch out your hand and strike his flesh and bones,

and he will surely curse You to Your Face.”

Job 2:4-5

God didn’t take the challenge.  He never harmed Job.  But God had allowed him (satan) to bring suffering to Job.   He gave him a beating like Job had never experienced before.  And God watched!  Go figure!  But in the end, Job praised God and God did marvelous things for Job.  It didn’t make any sense to satan.  

But no matter, satan didn’t have time to ruminate over ancient history.  The point was that he had the power to bring suffering to humans.  And God had stupidly made Himself into a human.  It was going to be fun to see how He would deal with suffering.

Satan began to plan.  It was essential to prepare his victims in advance of their torture.  Feeling rejected and unloved was key.  Like basting a turkey about to go into the oven, satan began to think of creative ways to layer on rejection for Jesus.  And of course, it was essential that satan stay with Him every moment.  He wanted Jesus to feel his presence.  And he wanted Jesus to be so absorbed in his presence that He would forget He was a part of The One.

No one seemed to notice satan, as he slithered along the road to the cross.  But soon everyone would notice him.  He felt power surging through his body.  He wondered if he was already beginning to grow legs.  He considered the human’s legs.  It was good they had knees, so they could soon bow to him.  He didn’t need knees.  He would bow to no one.



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