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While satan waited for what he believed would be the end of Jesus, he reminisced with some of his demon underlings.  Satan had been delighted to have such a fortunate opportunity with Eve.  His techniques had worked well.  It was true that there were a few glitches.  God did toss them all out of the garden.  But for reasons unknown even to satan, God did not eliminate satan.  So there had been plenty of other opportunities for him to gain ground.

The humans, after all, did not seem to be too bright.  Satan used the same techniques over and over again.  It was easy for his most inexperienced demons to get the hang of it.  Satan wondered why the humans would study the other team in a sports match, but never seemed to study his moves.  Oh well … what they never bothered to find out would hurt them.

Speaking of hurt, Jesus was going to hurt.  Supposedly Jesus was God.  Supposedly They knew what satan could do.  And yet … here they all were.  Jesus was hurting big time.  God was letting satan win.  Something didn’t seem quite right to satan.  This was too easy.

Satan had a moment of something he was not used to feeling … doubt … and maybe even a little fear.  What had he missed in his perfect plan?




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