God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are One, a Glorious One Who work in perfect unity and harmony.  They never contradict each other.  They never oppose each other.  They work together, solidly devoted to the Mission of saving and redeeming all of Their Creations.

(Jesus speaking)

The Father and I are One.

John 10:30

For there are Three that bear witness in heaven:

The Father, The Word (remember Jesus was referred to as The Word), and The Holy Spirit;

and These Three are One …

1 John 5:7

The News gets even better!  God designed every one of us to be a part of The One.  Many have not recognized that Gift of Oneness yet.  But The One will continue to call until a special day will come.

(Jesus speaking)

On that day, you will know that

I AM in My Father

and that you are in Me

and that I AM in you!

John 14:20

We cannot decide that any of God’s Creations are out.  As long as there is even one who does not recognize their unity with The One, we are all lessened.  God has given each of us a “piece” of the puzzle.  The more of us who acknowlege our Oneness, and connect with each other, the more of The One we will see.

Jesus symboloically broke bread and gave a piece to each of His Disciples.  He wanted them to share in The Joy of together being fed by Him.  Jesus knew what Judas would do, and yet He did not exclude him from the table.  He allowed Judas’ hands in the bowl with him.

It is right that we should reach Chapater Four of Section Six on this Easter Sunday.  For its Message completes the symbolic cross.  The vertical beam of the cross signifies our relationship with The One.  The horizontal beam that supported Jesus’ arms reaching out wide to the world, reminds us of Jesus’ Command to love one another.

A New Command I give you:

Love one another.

As I have loved you,

so you must love one another.

John 13:34

We are not just to love one another with our limited love.  We are to love one another as Jesus loves us.  Take a few moments to consider how Jesus loved.  Consider whether you love other people as He loves.  

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