Today was Gideon’s second birthday.  We celebrated!  It has been such a wonderful ongoing gift to be a part of  his life.

Our daughter was the party coordinator.  She went to the party store and got the decorations.  She encountered an unexpected problem.

Helium was in short supply and therefore balloons were rationed!😱. However, she got the limit allowed and they were plenty.

She and her Dad did a great job decorating.  Gideon was quite impressed and had fun exploring.  Typical of a two year old, his favorite part was the string.

He was not impressed with party hat nor the crown denoting he was two.  Maybe rejecting the crown is a future sign of humility … or maybe he agrees with his Poppy, who frequently says, “Age is just a number.” 

However, by the end of the party, my husband and I both enjoyed trying on the crown.  After all, we are early into our second childhood!

Gideon also was not much impressed with the cupcake that denoted his age.  He did the toddler version of the eye roll while we eagerly tried to coax some cuteness out of him.  🙄🙄🙄

Grandma and Poppy got him a train.  Eventually he may be more interested in riding on it, but for today, he just explored it.

It is actually quite sophisticated with realistic sound and other features.  My husband and I will have fun  playing with it!

Gideon continued to teach me in Childhood 101.  We climbed up and down stairs.  He put me through an exhaustive walking program on the deck and in the yard.

He taught me how to jump on the bed.  He showed me how to pet flowers and pick up rocks.

He also communicated very strongly that being outside under God’s big sky is infinitely better than being caged up in human houses.  I agree.

Gideon is full of love and freely shares both his toys and his love.  God has given all of us a Gift in creating him and entrusting him to out daughter and son in law to be his parents.

We thank God and celebrate all of them!

This is the day that The Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Psalm 118:24

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