Some years ago, I was working as a nursing instructor.   I was battling various health problems at that time.

One evening as I prepared to administer a nursing skills test, I prayed, as always, for the students.

But I also prayed The Lord would give me strength to make it through.

As the evening wore on, I began to falter.  I prayed silently for The Lord to give me strength.  I repeated His Promise, “I am with you always.”

Two students came to demonstrate their skill in taking  a blood pressure reading on each other.

The first student sat down and extended her arm.  I then noticed something written on her hand.  Having to be ever alert for any evidence of cheating, I looked closer.

To my amazement, carefully penned on the palm of her hand were The Words, “I am with you always!”

She then explained she suffered from test anxiety and needed the extra reminder that God was with her always.  

I shared with her how special that Word was to me at that time too.  I smile when I think of The Lord’s Tender Mercies and how creatively He reminds us of His Presence.

That young lady passed her tests with flying colors.  I hope that wherever she serves today as a nurse, she will feel God’s Ever Present Love and Strength … and that she will continue to be His Messenger.

Tonight, my friend, Lynn Mosher, posted this beautiful reminder of His Presence.  She too is His Faithful Messenger!

See, I have engraved you on The Palms of My Hands; your walls are ever before Me.

Isaiah 49:16

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