Some years ago, I got tired of Christmas.  It had become over commercialized.  The hype started earlier and earlier every year.

The repetitive songs were getting on my nerves.  I was trying to feel sympathy for grandma who got run over by a reindeer, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

I also was frustrated by The Christmas story being told over and over again in the same way.  A lot of even the Christian Christmas celebrations felt more like tradition than real worship.

Ironically, it was at this very time that I was asked  if I could write a Christmas devotional or two for our church.  I reluctantly agreed, even though I felt decidedly less than merry.

As it turned out, God was giving me an opportunity to rediscover Christmas.  A couple of reflective devotions turned into a whole series!

Some encouraged me to write a book.  I declined, thinking that was way out of my reach.

However, by the next year, I was writing a blog.  I published the devotionals on the blog.  Again, some encouraged me to write a book.  Again, I declined.  I just could not see going to that level.

Then God took it up a notch.  After Christmas that year, my friend Donna, arrived at the door with what she called a belated. Christmas gift.

Much to my amazement, she presented me with a beautiful scrapbook, where she had cut out each of the blog postings and carefully decorated each page.  I was holding God’s Plan in my hands!

The rest is history.  Under God’s Direction, Jay and I wrote a book called Christmas of Discovery.  

It totally amazes me to this day to realize the book went around the world.  We have found advertisements for it in languages we can’t even read.

Some people made it their new shared family experience at Christmas to read each chapter and answer the reflective questions.

Today the book can still be ordered as either a paperback or Kindle ebook.  We don’t sell books now, but still have some we give away.

If you want a book, and you live close enough to arrange to pick pick up from us, we are happy to share.  

Also, if you wish to purchase, you can do so through any of the vendors listed on our web site.  Most economical is to check out Amazon!

The most valuable lesson I learned is to never to limit God to one season.  He has fresh discoveries waiting every day and lots of surprises!

Here is the link to our web site.  Be sure to check out the video.  It still makes me smile! 😍

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